Welcome to the world of Sormat

Trusted fixings for European professionals for 40 years

In our field of business there are certain things it takes years to learn. By thinking, innovating, and testing. By being absolutely determined, patient, and yes, sometimes rethinking the whole thing right from scratch.

But time alone is not the decisive factor which distinguishes mediocre from excellent achievements. That kind of success is built on high-quality, value-adding products which fulfil end users’ requirements every single time. Products that are pleasant to use and can be trusted in all kinds of conditions. In short, trustworthy partnerships leading to a widely recognized reputation.

We at Sormat offer you all this. Our aim – to create a long term, open but confidential partnership with you. To provide you with a wide range of trusted fixing solutions and a new kind of innovativity. That is what we have been doing for 40 years, and something we have no intention of changing in the future.